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I joined a Bootcamp at Rosenthal Sport and Fitness and have been going consistently 3 times a week since September 2014. Since joining Bottcamp, I've seen a transformation in my strength, agility and stamina. Joe knows his stuff people! Not only is Joe an AMAZING personal trainer, but he also has knowledge and experience in the physical therapy world. If you've had a prior injury then Joe is the guy you want to train with. I always feel challenged in the classes and he tailors exercises specifically for me when I'm not feeling challenged. I look forward to my workouts and I leave each session felling accomplished. I would recommend Rosenthal Sport and Fitness to anyone looking to make a positive fitness change​


I started working out with Joe about two weeks ago and so far I am very pleased! He is professional and also very accommodating! Before we started, Joe did a complete body assessment and also talked to me about what my goals are and what I had hoped to achieve. I would like to tone up and focus on my core strength. Joe has designed a different work out plan for me each week specific to my goals and current abilities.  He is very knowledgeable in his field and is great at teaching the proper form and correct way to carry out certain exercises.  Definitely a great addition to my health and fitness routine!​​


I am a golfer going through Joe's golf specific fitness program. I have been working out with Joe for 3 months now. I have seen huge gains in flexibility and range of motion within the first few weeks. My overall strength has improved which has added about 5 yards per club. We are starting to work on my power development. I am excited to train more and all golfers should try it out!​​


My daughter has been going to Joseph now for about two months in an effort to improve her core strength and swing stability in her golf game. In only two months, the results are outstanding, as she is hitting the ball farther, with less dispersion and never seems to get tired. Her flexibility has improved and she looks forward to her workouts. She even won League MVP in High School this season! We plan on working out with Joe for years to come.

Bob & Hailey

I have been working out with Joe for four months and am very pleased with the results! My motivation, as a 64-year-old woman, was to strengthen and condition myself.  Joe designed a program specifically to meet my goals.  It is never boring, but is often challenging!  His gym space is well-equipped and not intimidating.  Joe's knowledge of body kinetics and his experience with physical therapy makes him an outstanding trainer.  You won't be disappointed!!


Since starting Joe Rosenthal's golf specific workout program I have experienced immense changes to my body and mind. I came to Joe with the desire to gain flexibility in my golf swing but have benefited from much more: strength, confidence, and desire. Combining both his knowledge for physical health and the golf swing/biomechanics, Joe is able to construct a workout plan appropriate for you. I have lost 15 lbs and gained 10 yards off the tee in just 6 weeks. I feel healthier and stronger both on and off the golf course. No matter your age or handicap, Joe will help you become better in all areas of your golf game.


I was looking for a trainer who understood the golf swing and found Joe thorough the Titleist TPI website.  We've been working together for about six weeks and I can already see a big difference in my flexibility & strength, but most importantly I FEEL so much better.  Joe took the time up front to see what my goals were and then built a plan around me.  He takes every opportunity to explain what's happening with my body during each exercise and teach me about the different muscles/muscle groups we're working.  He pushes me to work hard, but always checks in to make sure I'm not over doing it.  That's something I haven't found with other trainers.

Joe is a great guy, fun personality, and not a stereotypical gym trainer.

Do yourself a favor and just go see Joe.  You'll be glad you did!​